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    • February 24, 2020
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    If you’re worried about your IELTS test preparation, there’s no reason to feel overwhelmed by the material available on the internet as Study First with the help of our certified IELTS teacher has identified the essential skills required within the student to obtain a IELTS Band 7 or more. So, stop searching for “How To IELTS” and contact us to obtain a 30% discount on your IELTS test preparation and begin your journey to a successful 7 band in the next 6 weeks with us. (Weekend’s are off).Contact Us

    Study First’s IELTS teaching techniques are one of best in the general vicinity. Due to the fact, not only do our  British Council certified teachers specialize in teaching IELTS skills but also due to the absolute personalized and engaging experience provided by us while you prepare for your IELTS test. The classroom designed within Study First encourages comfort and increased productivity when learning, alongside with like-minded individuals your experience here will be one to remember. Therefore, in order for you to have success in your IELTS it’s essential for you to immediately contact us and within the next 6 weeks, our specialized curriculum will boost your confidence and IELTs skills in order for you obtain a Band 7 or more.

    There might be abundance of IELTS resources online however, studying for an IELTS can be the most overwhelming and a frustrating task for 95% of the individuals without any guidance. So, with the combination of our teaching techniques and provided tactics and strategies regarding solving all the units within the test, you’ll overcome your own expectation because our previous students can testify on the fact, that they were able to perform efficiently under exam’s conditions due to our 6 week long British IELTS personalized course. For it can be general IELTS or Academic IELTS we specialize in both and Study First’s goal is to provide assistance and fuel our students individuality to obtain a perfect Band to meet your set goals or even more.

    The best part about starting your IELTS journey in Study First is that, not only are we reputed to be one of the best IELTS preparation institutes but also, we are the only authorized IELTS center in our general vicinity. Our mission is to provide students with the best of skills in order for them to tackle the IELTS test with no offsetting feelings. 

    What Is The IELTS Test?


    IELTS is an international standardized proficiency test, which is usually taken by non-native English speakers throughout the world. Two bodies British Council and IELTS Australia jointly manage the IELTS system.  It’s major purpose is to figure out your proficiency level which ranges from A1 to C2 Level, however the IELTS system deals with Bands 0 to 9, where Band 9 is equivalent to an Expert User and Band 7 to 8 is stated as Very Good User. This test is mostly required by students who are applying for universities in an English spoken country or sometimes needed for job purposes. IELTS is sub-categorized into General IELTS and Academic IELTS, where Academic is for future prospective students and general is for immigration purposes.

    IELTS Modules And What Do We Offer


    Both IELTS is divided into four subcategories:

    The Listening Test where you’ll have to listen to a pre-recorded Audio caste of a conversation between two individuals, the student will be given a few minutes after each segment within the audio recording where they’ll have to complete the given questions in the section. This test usually has 3 to 4 sections, which in the end will amount to 40 questions. Whereas the marking will be done as followed:

    • 39 – 40 score to a 9 Band
    • 37 – 38 score to a 8.5 Band
    • 35 – 36 score to a 8 Band
    • 33 – 34 score to a 7.5 Band
    • 30 – 32 score to a 7 Band


    This is the sole module where you can easily score a 7 or more Band with the right amount of concentration and keyword selection, Our Certified teacher will guide you on the most efficient way of solving a listening test. Tactics’ such as skim read questions before the pre-recording starts and how to retain keyword answers from the audio.

    The Reading Test is where students will have to complete numerous comprehension passages Q/A‘s , in which you will have to solve 3 sections, which will contain three different passages. The students will be given 60 minutes to read and answer the questions provided; the answers will be filled on a separate answer sheet. In Total 3 passages and 40 questions are required to be answered by the candidates in order to achieve a successful band.

    • 40 score to a 9 Band
    • 39 score to a 8.5 Band
    • 37 – 38 score to a 8 Band
    • 36 score to a 7.5 Band
    • 34 – 35 score to a 7 Band


    This is the module where previous students were able to score an easy 8 band with the intuitive strategies designed by our certified teacher which will increase your efficiency in not only reading the passages but also finishing before time, which will allow you to have the buffer time to re-check your answers. The main aim of our teacher is to impart time management skills to our students which will not only aid in IELTS tests but also help in polishing overall efficiency.  

    The Writing Test is divided into two tasks, which will evaluate the students usage of grammatical knowledge and also grammatical vocabulary. With the combination of the later two points mentioned and your relevant response in regards to the topic, your band will be calculated.The writing test is different for Academic and General IELTS, there’s a few similarities for example:

    Task 2 will be the same for both types where students will have to respond in an essay format in response to a point of view, argument or problem.

    Whereas, Task 1 for General will be regarding writing a formal letter related to the information provided. And for Academic Task 1 will allow students to tackle visual information which is required to be converted into a written report. 

    The Speaking Test will be divided into 3 parts, where the 1st part will deal with the examiner asking you for  your personal information along with a conversation on daily things for example, home town etc. Part 2 will be a cue card segment where students will be given a few minutes to analyse and structure a conversation related to the cue topic.After which the student will have to speak for 2 minutes or more until the examiner stops them. Part 3 will be questions related to the first two parts, where more detailed answers will be expected by the candidate. 

    Our Certified Teachers have a firm grip on the speaking test, they understand the importance of vocabulary therefore, for this module preparation candidates will be given lexical resources which will help them develop their spoken skills. Alongside, we’ll have spoken mock tests for every student, which will help them develop and polish their confidence and bi-lingual skills. 

    Our Mission & Methodology Of Our Teachers


    Study First as a Certified IELTS Center has always carried out business with one goal in mind which would be to keep our reputation along with clients satisfaction level high. Almost 80% of our students were able to achieve an overall 7 or more Band. Hence there is no time to waste, Contact Us and lets start your IELTS journey from today.

    Our teacher’s are highly trained professionals who not only hold IELTS authorized training but are adored by our previous students who remain in contact. A great teacher is someone who moves at the pace of the student, our teacher’s methodology of teaching is to make students understand each task’s marking criteria. IELTS is not about doing the test but understanding the test and answering it in the manner as mentioned within the guidelines.




    Previously i had enrolled myself into an unknown IELTS academy who had claimed to be authorized, and the experience there was worthless. However I was able to navigate to an actual authorized IELTS center which was  Study First in Y-block, the IELTS teachers here were not only professional but their provided material along side with priceless techniques due to which  i was able to achieve an overall 8 Band



    The immersive IELTS preparation experience here was something out of the world for me, many people take IELTS as an easy English test. However, the teacher here makes us comfortable with the examination criteria; in order to score 7+ Band, the teachers here, most of the time were determined than the student. After a long 6 weeks of rigorous preparation, Study First enabled me to achieve a 7 Band



    I was flabbergasted after seeing the 7 Band on my IELTS results, this was made possible because the mentor who guided me for the past few weeks. The memories made and hard work oriented experience provided my Study First Teachers, i’m forever in-debt of their care and professionalism



    Our Packages


    • 5 Day per week (Week Days).
    • 6 Week IELTS preparation time.
    • 1.5 Hour long Class.
    • Rs. 20000 before,after discount of 30% Rs. 14000.
    • Legitimate Material for preparation will be Rs. 1000.
    • Hence, Gain a 7 Band or more, in only Rs. 15000

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