United Kingdom Visa Changes

  • Student Route Will Replace Tier 4 Visa

    UK Tier 4 replaced with Student Route Visa

    Tier 4 will be replaced with Student Route Visa in the new UK’s Points-Based Immigration System. This new Points-Based Student route will be structured on the existing Tier 4 system. However, it’s most likely the Student Route will bring along smoother applications for students.

    In this Student Route, the students will be required to obtain 70 total points to be granted a Visa. These points are divided into CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies) which will give 50 points, an English language requirement (10 Points), and Bank statement (10 Points).

    New Student Route Requirments:

    • CAS (50 Points)
    • English language requirements (20 Points)
    • Bank Statment (10 Points)

    Previous Tier 4 Requirments were:

    • CAS (30 Points)
    • Bank Statment (10 Points)


    The advantage of Student Route is that the student will be permitted to come to the United Kingdom six months before the start of their course. Moreover, in case of further application to remain in the United Kingdom students will not be required to submit documentary evidence of funds.


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