Flinders University is committed to students’ experience and success. The University offers a wide range of specialist international services and programs to support you from when you start your degree until you graduate.Due to their academic excellence and innovative institution they were ranked 46th Youngest University worldwide.Moreover, Flinders University provides you with the necessary skills to go beyond the ordinary, and achieve the extraordinary. Every day at this University, students and staff search for greater understanding and ideas that will make a difference to our world. It is an outward-looking and culturally inclusive university that is committed to helping you shape your future and make a difference to our world.


The Flinders University is one the best top universities nationally and it has been ranked within 250-300 universities in the world. Flinders University has been ranked within Top 50 Youngest Universities worldwide, well respected within Australia due to their excellent academic framework by Times Higher Education World University Rankings. Flinders University is not only renowned for academic excellence but also for its research development as it was ranked as Australia’s youngest university to receive 5-stars for student experience.

  • Resume (Bio Info)
  • All Academic Certificates(Matric,Inter, A/O Level, Bachelors, Masters Or Any Other)
  • Statement of Purpose (A Write up on 500 words about your academic achievements, why you choose to study in Australia, Which course you want to apply, the benefits you will get from the proposed course, future prospects etc)
  • Your IELTS Result (if available)
  • Employment Certificates (if any)

Upload your documents in a .zip file, and lets process your application for admission

  • Flinders University has been Ranked in the world’s top 300 universities.
  • Due to our award winning and quality teachers, the University is ranked Top 250-300 worldwide for Quality Education as per to THE-WUR World.
  • Flinder University is ranked 46th Youngest University and most innovate worldwide.
  • Our University has tremendous amounts of multinational partners, which signifies that our graduates have more likelihood of securing a job placement with our partners.
  • Almost 80% of our graduates have a full time work placement in a professional company within 4 months, because of our innovative educational system.
  • Moreover, Flinders University has maintained a 5 star rating for student satisfaction.
  • You’ll be studying on-site at the uni campus so you will feel like part of the family from day one. The uni hosts many social activities which you will be able to attend to broaden your social circles.
  • Moreover, alongside academic experience, students will be able to attend numerous social activities which will broaden your social circles and increase your networking circle as well.

Foundation Program


  • The average tuition fee is $24,700 per course


Diploma Program


  • Diploma of Business is $27,700 per course
  • Diploma of Engineering is $31,500 per course
  • Diploma of Health Science is $32,700 per course



  • Business is $19,600

Flinders University has been cooperating with the industry for the past few years.Due to which Flinders University has developed a wide network for students to benefit from. The University has a dedicated UNIHUB tool where students can access multiple services for example, internship opportunities, volunteering opportunities, graduation employment. It’s a known fact that South Australia graduates are paid more than the average national salary.Which goes to show that the University partners in the industry favor their graduates because they provide positions exclusive to Flinders University Students.

After graduation for master students, they are allowed to extend their visa for another 2+ years for work search purposes. This opportunity has recently developed which has lead more international students to look towards Australia, and the Australian economy has never been better since the last few decades.Hence, international students will have numerous opportunities to further their career within Australia.

  • Full credit options are available for students who want to transfer from a Pakistani university into Flinders University.
  • For Example, 2nd year Bachelor student can transfer all credits and continue studies in 3rd year at Flinders University.
  • Foundation degree holders are also applicable for admission at Flinders University.

Our Ratings

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Students Review

  • It has been a very good experience to be studying at this university. all resources are available with access 24 hours a day. The workers are very helpful and always available to help.

    Aamir Khan, Flinders University
  • The time I was enrolled in this institution was academically tough as the type of study was relatively new for me but It was a great learning experience. I learned a lot and I enjoyed it a lot. The staff was really cooperative and the module offered were in accordance with the latest innovations. I am happy to have graduated from Flinders University.

    Anonymous, Flinders University

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