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IELTS is an international standardized proficiency test, which is usually taken by non-native English speakers throughout the world. Two bodies British Council and IELTS Australia jointly manage the IELTS system.  It’s major purpose is to figure out your proficiency level which ranges from A1 to C2 Level, however the IELTS system deals with Bands 0 to 9, where Band 9 is equivalent to an Expert User and Band 7 to 8 is stated as Very Good User. This test is mostly required by students who are applying for universities in an English spoken country or sometimes needed for job purposes. IELTS is sub-categorized into General IELTS and Academic IELTS, where Academic is for future prospective students and general is for immigration purposes.


Location: You can visit Study First in DHA Y Block, for further information regarding booking and test preparation.


Options: As mentioned, we’re not just an educational consultancy but also an authorized IELTS center, therefore, our Councillors can guide you in picking which IELTS type is best for your future.


Registration & Test Prep: We are equipped with an in-house qualified IELTS teacher, who will aid you in your journey of obtaining a 7+ band but we also assist our students in registration of the IELTS booking, this way students can full heartily focus on cracking all four modules of the IELTS Test.


Study First is one of the best IELTS Center in its vicinity due to numerous reason , not only do our  British Council certified teachers specialize in teaching IELTS skills but also due to the absolute personalized and engaging experience provided by us while you prepare for your IELTS test. The classroom designed within Study First encourages comfort and increased productivity when learning, alongside with like-minded individuals your experience here will be one to remember.


Therefore, in order for you to have success in your IELTS it’s essential for you to immediately contact us and within the next 6 weeks, our specialized curriculum will boost your confidence and IELTS skills in order for you obtain a Band 7 or more.

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