University Of Essex was the University which was built on the foundation of “Radical Innovation” where students could study and research on things which make a difference in this world. Due to which it takes in almost 15,000 Students annually who are from 140+ countries, all of them are gathered up within the University Of Essex which provides an immersive and multicultural experience at Essex.Along with that, through the underground, central London is a mere 30 minutes away.

University Of Essex has been renowned for its excellent research framework which enabled them to be ranked within Top 20 Universities in the United Kingdom.The University boasts dedicated student advisers and also mentors who help the student along their educational journey.Therefore, the university has been ranked 37th within the UK’s Institute.


Throughout the years, Essex has been awarded the TEF Gold which is provided to those institution who have a rigorous and exceptional Teaching framework and teaching techniques.Essex boasts a very high ranking in regards to Social Sciences and Law, where its ranked 50th and 51st respectively by Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

Essex has been awarded the best university of the year in 2018, which comes with no surprise as Essex was nominated by it’s students who are prideful of their university growth and history. Alongside with innovative ways, their architectured building is renowned for its beauty.Whereas its ranked 37th in the UK in The Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2020.

  • Resume (Bio Info)
  • All Academic Certificates(Matric,Inter, A/O Level, Bachelors, Masters Or Any Other)
  • Statement of Purpose (A Write up on 500 words about your academic achievements, why you choose to study in United Kingdom, Which course you want to apply, the benefits you will get from the proposed course, future prospects etc)
  • Your IELTS Result (if available)
  • Employment Certificates (if any)

Upload your documents in a .zip file, and lets process your application for admission

  • Essex has been presented with a TEF Golden, which is a Teachers Excellence Framework award, this is only awarded to institutions who deliver innovative and satisfactory teaching outcomes.
  • In 2019, a new innovative center was opened within the University to help hundreds of students and graduate entrepreneurs in their start-up’s by providing professional mentor schemes.
  • The Library For University Of Essex can facilitate Students 24/7, which has been a development for students.
  • Ranked 21st for international outlook in the World University Rankings.
  • In 2018, University of Essex was named University of the year by Times Higher Education Award because of our innovative ways of teaching.
  • 87% of our graduates are in employment after completion of study’s, whilst the rest continue their education with us.
  • We have numerous hubs which aid international and local students in their entrepreneurial ways, through mentorship.
  • Competitive tuition fees and numerous scholarships for all international students.
  • Our tailor made courses emphasis on not just the theory but also the practical usage of it. This provides a perfect balance of research and taught education for the students.
  • We boast high rankings when it comes to research and studies related to social sciences and politics within the UK.

For International Students


  • History is £16,050
  • Sociology is £16,050
  • Health and Social Care is £16,050
  • Language and Linguistics is £16,050
  • Literature Film and Theatre Studies is £16,050
  • Psycho-social and Psychoanalytic Studies is £16,050
  • School of Philosophy and Art History is £16,050
  • Essex Business School is £16,860
  • Law (including HR) is £16,860
  • Economics is £16,860
  • Mathematical Sciences is £16,860
  • Life Sciences is £18,170
  • Psychology is £18,170
  • Computer Science Electronic Engineering is £18,730

Essex has a dedicated Student hub for ensuring every students gets equal opportunities and no discrimination is done between the locals and international students at Essex.This provides a one-to-one advice, workshops and even a Big Essex Award, where any student can signup, in which it identifies and highlights the skills the students has developed through out his journey with Essex.

Essex University runs an internal internship program where students can work within the university or for the university team for numerous tasks around campuses. After completion of studies within Essex almost 88% of our graduates continue onto working for employees at a professional level. Whereas the rest continue studies at Essex to prolong their stay within the exceptional environment provided by our Student Hubs and staff.

  • Full credit options are available for students who want to transfer from a Pakistani university into University of Essex.
  • For Example, 2nd year Bachelor student can transfer all credits and continue studies in 3rd year at Essex in the UK.
  • Foundation degree holders are also applicable for admission at University of Essex.

Our Ratings

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Students Review

  • It has been a very good experience to be studying at this university. all resources are available with access 24 hours a day. The workers are very helpful and always available to help.

    Aamir Khan, University Of Essex
  • The time I was enrolled in this institution was academically tough as the type of study was relatively new for me but It was a great learning experience. I learned a lot and I enjoyed it a lot. The staff was really cooperative and the module offered were in accordance with the latest innovations. I am happy to have graduated from University of Hertfordshire.

    Anonymous, University Of Essex

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