University of Huddersfield was founded in 1825 with the aim to enhance student experiences and provide quality professional education in a in-expensive price range. The University has stuck to their founding principles, allowing almost 70% of their students to be professional qualified for their respect career. Their emphases on practical learning and compulsory work placements, has created a flexible and modern academic framework from which most of the students are satisfied. The University in Huddersfield is ranked #61 in the United Kingdom, which goes to show the institution is well reputed in regards to their academic excellence and teaching.


University of Huddersfield takes incredible pride in their rankings which they have accomplished since its establishment. The University has excellent reputation for emphasizes on hands-on academic curriculum which has allowed Huddersfield to be ranked Top 200 Best Teaching Institution in Europe. Moreover, University of Huddersfield boasts a tremendously high international index, which has developed a diverse student community, allowing students to interact and develop social skills.University of Huddersfield is also ranked Top 200 Young University, due to their rapid development and contributions made by empowering students with professional skills which are in demand.

  • Resume (Bio Info)
  • All Academic Certificates(Matric,Inter, A/O Level, Bachelors, Masters Or Any Other)
  • Statement of Purpose (A Write up on 500 words about your academic achievements, why you choose to study in United Kingdom, Which course you want to apply, the benefits you will get from the proposed course, future prospects etc)
  • Your IELTS Result (if available)
  • Employment Certificates (if any)

Upload your documents in a .zip file, and lets process your application for admission

  • University of Huddersfield is ranked #61 best University in UK, due to their academic excellence
  • University of Huddersfield is ranked Top 200 best European teaching institutions
  • These rankings signifies how the University is committed providing high quality education to our students.
  • University of Huddersfield is dedicated to student employ ability and their industrial links enables a high number of their graduates to be in employment after graduation.
  • The University is committed in providing students with excellence academic facilities to equip them for a brighter future.

International Foundation Year

  • Business,Management and Law is £12,500
  • Computing,Engineering and Science is £12,500

International Year One

    • Computing, Computer Science is £12,900
    • Business and Management is £12,900


      • The average Tuition fee is £7,600
International Foundation Year

This program is a year long course which will allow successful candidates to progress into an undergraduate degree at any top UK university, including University of Huddersfield. The program focus on teaching English and three academic subject modules, which will assist students in their undergraduate degree.

International Year One

The program is designed solely for international students who were not able to achieve the required academic grades/ or English level to start the first year of an undergraduate degree in the UK. This program will ensure that the student is taught the required English skills and modules which will help successful students to progress towards the second year of a bachelors degree in University of Huddersfield.


Pre-Master program is a three-term program, which will allow progression to a wide range of Master’s degree at any UK university including University of Huddersfield. This program is designed to prepare international students for postgraduate study in the United Kingdom. This program will allow you to improve your English Skills and also research methods that will assist their future Master’s degree studies.

University of Huddersfield has emphasized hands-on learning, which will enable students to develop professional skills. Along with their application based curriculum,, the University has developed numerous career guidance hubs who assist both local and international students with internship opportunities. Moreover, University of Huddersfield has a wide network with numerous renowned companies with allows students to engage with top employees in the area.

After graduation for undergraduate and master students, they are allowed to extend their visa for another 2+ years for work search purposes. This opportunity has recently developed which has led more international students to look towards the United Kingdom, and the British economy has never been better since the last few decades.Hence, international students will have numerous opportunities to further their career within the United Kingdom.

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Students Review

  • It has been a very good experience to be studying at this university. all resources are available with access 24 hours a day. The workers are very helpful and always available to help.

    Aamir Khan, University of Huddersfield
  • The time I was enrolled in this institution was academically tough as the type of study was relatively new for me but It was a great learning experience. I learned a lot and I enjoyed it a lot. The staff was really cooperative and the module offered were in accordance with the latest innovations. I am happy to have graduated from University of Huddersfield.

    Anonymous, University of Huddersfield

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