DePaul University is the biggest private university who is committed and has prioritized on academic excellence over the year.Moreover, DePaul has over 300 colleges, which adds to the diverse courses that it can offer students.Hence why DePaul is ranked Top 50 Best Undergraduate Teaching Institute within America. Moreover, the students from DePaul University are from over 114 countries which ensures that students can experience a multicultural environment in the United States.


DePaul University has always been committed and believes in inspiring people by enhancing their student experiences within their campuses and has encouraged students to innovate. Depaul University has made it their mission to empower students with skills which are in great demand or has a shortage in the industry. Due to their committed nature and ambitious visions they have been ranked the 56th best university for Undergraduate Teaching in United States. Moreover, due to their academic framework and outputs, along with the cost of education, Baylor University is titled as the 59th best value for money University in the States.

DePaul University has one the highest student satisfaction rate within the United States, as it welcomes numerous high achievers into their campuses, that ensures a tremendously competitive and productive environment. Hence, why the university always strives to provide their students with a tremendously exceptional multi-cultural environment which will allow them to also broaden their horizon. Lastly, DePaul University is considered as a Tier 1 university, not only because of its teaching but also for the world class facilities provided to the students. Hence it’s ranked as the 46th Most Innovative School in United States.

  • Resume (Bio Info)
  • All Academic Certificates(Matric,Inter, A/O Level, Bachelors, Masters Or Any Other)
  • Statement of Purpose (A Write up on 500 words about your academic achievements, why you choose to study in United States, Which course you want to apply, the benefits you will get from the proposed course, future prospects etc)
  • Your IELTS Result (if available)
  • Employment Certificates (if any)

Upload your documents in a .zip file, and lets process your application for admission

  • DePaul University is ranked 125th Best National University
  • DePaul University is ranked 56th best undergraduate teaching University, as they encourage and preach innovation over everything else.
  • DePaul University is a Top Class University, with average tuition fee, hence why its ranked as 59th the best valued University in USA.
  • These rankings signifies how DePaul University is committed providing high quality education to our students.
  • DePaul University has a tremendously high diversity index, which creates the perfect environment for international students.

Undergraduate Global Pathway Fee

  • Computing & Digital Media School is $48,151
  • Business School is $48,151
  • Science and Health School is $48,151


Graduate Global Pathway Fee

  • Computing & Digital Media School is $21,620
  • Business School is $24,195
Undergraduate Pathway

The Undergraduate Global Pathway combines required English language study with academic skills and coursework while also providing cultural support during the first year to the international students in the United States. and in a university classroom. Global Pathway students on successful completion of their Pathway program can get admission into undergraduate studies in the areas of Business, Education, Computing and Digital Media, Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, and Science and Health.

Graduate Pathway

The Graduate Global Pathway provides students the opportunity to enhance their language, study and cultural skills in a highly-supportive environment while earning academic credit towards their chosen program of study.

DePaul University has always taught the thing which matters the most as per their principles, for which they contain a career guidance hub who not only assist graduate students in work placement opportunities but also internships as well throughout their course duration.Our University has been around since the last Century, due to which it has wide and deep networks with numerous renowned companies which allows students to engage with top employees in the area. Moreover, the University provides tremendous support to their Entrepreneurial Students who would like to create a start-up business.

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Students Review

  • It has been a very good experience to be studying at this university. all resources are available with access 24 hours a day. The workers are very helpful and always available to help.

    Aamir Khan, DePaul University
  • The time I was enrolled in this institution was academically tough as the type of study was relatively new for me but It was a great learning experience. I learned a lot and I enjoyed it a lot. The staff was really cooperative and the module offered were in accordance with the latest innovations. I am happy to have graduated from DePaul University

    Anonymous, DePaul University

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