University of South Florida is a public institution which was established in 1956. The university is renowned nationally due to the research contribution made by them throughout the state. University of South Florida has always aimed to provide students with hands-on approach which will allow them to develop skills for their professional field. Which is why the University is reputed to be among Top 110 Best National Universities, this goes to show that the University has a stable and modern academic framework. Moreover, University of Florida has almost 43,000 students who enroll with them. This has allowed the University to develop a multi-culture environment by encouraging student community activities and clubs. This way, students are able to attain numerous social and professional skills.


University of South Florida takes tremendous pride in their ranking which they have developed over the years, their exceptional academic progression has allowed them to be ranked Top 100 Best National University. Other achievements and rankings by the University of South Florida emphasizes their research capabilities. University of South Florida, aims to provide highly qualified and professional ready students who will be able to make a difference in their respective fields. Hence, the outputs and graduate prospect rates of the University has risen, which in-turn allowed the University to be ranked #44 Best Public School.

  • Resume (Bio Info)
  • All Academic Certificates(Matric,Inter, A/O Level, Bachelors, Masters Or Any Other)
  • Statement of Purpose (A Write up on 500 words about your academic achievements, why you choose to study in United States, Which course you want to apply, the benefits you will get from the proposed course, future prospects etc)
  • Your IELTS Result (if available)
  • Employment Certificates (if any)

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  • University of South Florida is ranked among Top 110 National Universities
  • The University is titled as #44 Best Public School for Undergraduate studies
  • The University of South Florida has a huge student community and clubs which allows interaction between multi-cultural students, allowing personal development
  • These rankings signifies how University of South Florida is committed providing high quality education to our students.
  • University of South Florida has a tremendously high diversity index, which creates the perfect environment for international students.

International Year

  • The Average tuition fee is $15,260


  • The Average tuition fee is $20,707

Direct Entry Undergraduate

  • The tuition fee is $22,890

Direct Entry Graduate

  • The tuition fee is $31,060
International Year One

This programme will allow successful candidates to join into a degree. Students will be taught six different modules with respect to their future bachelors degree, this will allow successful students to progress straight into the second year at University of South Florida.


This Pre-Masters program is a 2 term program which focuses in students English Language and academic skills. This program teaches most of the research methods which the students will need in their Masters degree in United Kingdom.

University of South Florida has always emphasized practical learning over theoretical learning, which ensures that the graduate students have essential skills to tackle their professional careers anywhere in the market, locally and graduate. Moreover, University of South Florida has developed a career guidance hub which assists students with summer internships opportunities along with other internal and external work placement opportunities. Along with that, University of South Florida has numerous business partners who give away exclusive internships and work opportunities, all these networks has allowed the University to have a high graduation prospect rating.

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Students Review

  • It has been a very good experience to be studying at this university. all resources are available with access 24 hours a day. The workers are very helpful and always available to help.

    Aamir Khan, University of South Florida
  • The time I was enrolled in this institution was academically tough as the type of study was relatively new for me but It was a great learning experience. I learned a lot and I enjoyed it a lot. The staff was really cooperative and the module offered were in accordance with the latest innovations. I am happy to have graduated from University of South Florida.

    Anonymous, University of South Florida

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